Custom Web Design

What's in this FULL package?

From well laid-out site structure consultation to a full bloom website along with SEO friendly coding. This full package has it all.

We will help you to decide the best way to promote on your website. By using the correct contents and marketing strategy, you can expose your business and products to the right audiences and expand the potential cliental.

Below is the detailed list for this Full Package:

1. Project Analysis & Proposal Development

  • Discuss with you about your needs and how we can help.
  • Create the full proposal which includes: general site map; project phase, design concept, define timeline and estimated cost...
  • Establish project schedule.
  • Collect corresponding content information.
  • Refine online marketing solutions, including newsletter campaign, social media exposure methods...

2. Site Architecture and concept refining

  • Refine and finalize a solid site map to use as an outline for the site.
  • Develop architect frame work and navigation.
  • Critique the design concept from the proposal, making corresponding changes.
  • After modifying the selected design, present concepts to the client again.

3. Finalizing Layout Design

  • Design the sample of look and feel of the general pages. (1-2 pages.)
  • Present the design to the client for further comments.
  • After the client's feedback, make the appropriate revisions. (up to 3 revisions)
  • Refine and develop the details. Finalize the look of general page and get approved.

4. Development / Production

  • Create rest of the design.
  • Program and implement the rest of the technical infrastructure.
  • Test the completed Web Site for layout, usability, and functionality.
  • Upload the completed Web Site on the Internet and present to the client.
  • Make the necessary final adjustments and refinements.

5. Testing and Launch

  • Go live by using client's own domain name. (Certain level of hosting service is provided.)
  • Follow up to assess productivity of the Web Site. Maintenance can be discussed after the site is delivered.

Yan is a top notch web developer! The service is fast and accurate and we have been with her for several years now. She is able to do everything we ask, and the work is always clean!

Katia Lord, Creative Director at Design Mind Studio

Site Architecture

It is just like building architecture, building the website needs a basic structure. It includes the marketing strategy, intuitive navigation to the visitors and other important decisions....

By using our knowledge in marketing, we will help you to look deeper into your marketing directions, the particular way how you want to promote your business and products by using the website.

  • Starting from a draft idea of your site navigation (menu).
  • Define your cliental, discuss with you about your business, your plan and your vision how you want the site to be used and exposed to the public.
  • Fine-tune the site structure based on the researches and reviews over the time
  • Creating the final architecture of the website by using tree structure diagram. This will help you visualize how the site will be designed and visited.

...But Yan is not just a designer. Yan is a great marketing and business resource as well. Her knowledge of SEO and optimization have helped our websites also be found! I cannot recommend Yan Huges and 5 E Web Design highly enough.

Dawn Billings, CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Network, Trova Business Directory and Trova Women Business Directory.

Custom Wordpress

What is WordPress?

It is an open source blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL which can also be used for content management. It has many features including a workflow, a plugin architecture and a templating system. ...

Why do I want to customize the Wordpress?

By customizing the look of the wordpress, you give your website a personal touch. Not only you can choose your favorite design and color themes, we could arrange the contents in many different ways to make them unqiue and just belongs to YOU!

Check out couple of customized Wordpress we have done:


let's help you to turn your own design to a live website

What is Graphics2sites? (Slice and dice your images then make your own unique site)

There are great graphic designers out there which produce incredible art pieces. But learning to transform that artwork to a live website becomes a challenge to those great artists.

Here comes in 5E, who understands and will help to enhance your design to fit the web presence better than just an online brochure. We will analize the design graphics, slice them as it needs for the web design. Translate the static image to lively dynamic presentation. A great example of this is OP5, with a great professional design we have transformed it to a user friendly marketing site.

Graphic Design

As a result of many years experience working with industry standard image editing software, and by understanding the needs and requirements of web presence for most of the companies, 5E offers the following graphic services: (5E is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals(NAPP since 1996)

  • Web advertising banners
  • Custom Social Media Icons, background...
  • Corresponding images to match your site look

Hosting   Maintenance

Web hosting & Domain name registration

5E Webhosting service has its reliable hosting servers and it has a great value …

Ongoing maintenance

Every client has the option of using 5E to maintain their website, whether it is for simple content updates or new development of the website, including adding new functionality and items. Depending on the regularity of site updates, either a monthly retainer or hourly fee will be requested.