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How to add FB comment box onto your website

How To: Create a Comments Box with Facebook Connect in 5 Minutes from Pete Bratach on Vimeo. Continue Reading

How can I see what my timeline looks like to other people? (upgraded to timeline)

Facebook, hide and seek again! :-)
Well, most of you have upgraded to FB’s Time Line layout… So, where and how do you find out how your profile look like to the others now? Since the old way is no long exists?
Here is the HOW:
Go to your profile and click (on the right, below your cover).
Click the View As… from the dropdown menu.

You’ll see what your profile looks to the public.

To preview how your profile appears to a specific person, such as a friend or coworker, type their name into the open field (the very top left corner)  … Continue Reading

More Changes for FB Fan Page

More new changes has been rolling out for Facebook Fan pages. Got confused and need some guide? Here is a great course by FB that might help you quickly dive into the changes and get connected with your audience better.
Learn About Facebook Pages

How to Move your Facebook Photos to Google+

This is the third posts in two days discussing about how to move your stuff from Facebook to Google+. I just have a little question: Why do we have to leave one and go to the other? Can we keep both? :-)

Well, for those who wants to move their focus onto Google+ (Good Luck!) will need to know “how(s)” — Here is how to move your FB photos to Google+:  (Thanks to Sharon Vaknin from CNET)

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Here’s How to Get Your Facebook Friends on Google+ …

The Wolf is coming!:-)

That Google Again! Obviously we are going to have a war between Google and Facebook. To users, I do not see any point to pick or choose. You can stay with both only if you have enough time to maintain the contents in both places.

But if you are a true Googler, you probably want to start to shift your social media focus on Google+ (Let’s just hope Google does not goof up this one:-)

Here is an interesting article on how to get your Facebook Friend on Google+, make sure to watch the video … Continue Reading

Add Google+ Card in your WordPress Site — In trend!

Thanks to those generous geniuses (here particularly a kudos to John Henson) , we get to invite the world to join us to the newest Social Media (Fresh and Hot) — Google+ !

Here is how it works,

  • Download the zip file and upload to the server
  1. Download googlecards.zip and unzip
  2. Upload the unzipped googlecards folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Go to the ‘Widgets’ menu in WordPress and add the widget to your sidebar.
  5. Choose a title for the widget and input your google+ id. (You can find your google+ id by going to … Continue Reading

How to add a Reveal Tab to your Facebook Page (with Iframe)

Great tutorial from U Stand Out!

Option #1 – Static HTML – 4 Steps
1. Add the Static HTML Application to your Facebook Page

2. Edit the “Welcome” Tab

3. Edit the Tab Title

4. Make your Reveal Tab the Default Tab
Option #2 – MyTab – 5 Steps (includes Google Analytics integration)

1. Add the MyTab Application to your Facebook Page

2. Edit the Name of your Reveal Tab

3. Edit the Reveal Tab Content

4. Enter Google Analytics Tracking Code

5. Make your Reveal Tab the Default Tab

Read the full tutorial here!


How to Make Custom Tabs for Facebook — May, 2011

As always, Facebook changes their settings, way of developing constantly. In March 2011, it disabled the Static FBML application for creating and modifying Facebook Pages and now uses iframes for the content of new Pages and custom tabs. A custom tab enables you to specify the information new users see when they come to your Page, or provide extra features such as videos within your Page. The advantage of this change is, you can use almost any Web page as the content of your Facebook Page, by hosting it outside Facebook and telling Facebook its Web address or URL…. Continue Reading

How to add FB “Like Button” on each of your WordPress post

Adding a facebook “Like Button” on the blog post seems to be a fab right now. How to use it wisely so you will not spam the readers who like one or couple of your posts…

An interesting article about How to Really Use Facebook “Like Button” written by Asad Khan reveals some facts and tips how you make it work correctly.

We are here just simple introduce the simplest way to implement a “Like Button” on each single post of your WordPress blog, here … Continue Reading

Marketing with Facebook: A comprehensive guide

by Cameron Chapman @ KiSSmetrics

Cameron shares with us how to use Facebook to your advantage (for the beginners who has not used Facebook as a powerful marketing tool)

  1. What type of audiences are on Facebook?
  2. How can you market on Facebook
  3. How to market with “Pages”?
  4. How to use ADs on Facebook?
  5. Get involved with “groups”
  6. Get Started NOW!

Read the entire article here!